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ISDN Dialup ISDN: What is it?

BizDial ISDN is our premiere service for home and small business users that require a faster connection than a usual 56K dialup connection with the simplicity of a dialup connection. BizDial is best suited for home users and small businesses that require a simple connection to perform higher amounts of data transfer on the Internet such as heavy uploading and downloading, and gaming. An ISDN user needs to order a dual-channel ISDN line from their local phone company (about the same price as having two typical phone lines), and purchase an ISDN "modem". We sell ISDN modems, and you can purchase one from our online store here.

To learn more about what is needed for an ISDN connection, click here.


  • 24/7 Unlimited Dial-in Access
  • 5 POP or IMAP e-mail accounts
  • 5 Megabytes of personal Web space
  • 24 hr Tech Support
  • Nationwide Roaming


  • DOS
  • Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2000
  • Mac OS
  • UNIX
  • DEC
  • More!


  • Local
  • Nationwide
  • Worldwide


Dual Channel - $39.95 monthly



SPECIAL Order our premium ISDN Internet service through our web site and cyberMIND will waive the $25.00 setup fee!
Order BizDial ISDN Dual Channel Services - Billed Monthly

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