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Welcome / Support / Stop spam through SpamSlam™

What SpamSlam™ will do:

1) Block e-mail sent to you from know spammers

2) Block e-mail sent to you that convincingly resembles spam

3) Block worm type e-mail viruses

What the SpamSlam™ will not do

1) Prevent you from sending or receiving normal e-mail

2) Filter e-mail for adult content

SpamSlam™ works by scanning e-mail that is delivered to you. If an e-mail message resembles a spam message, it is placed in a "spam" folder inside of your e-mail account, or at your option, deleted immediately.

Click here to learn more about SpamSlam™

While SpamSlam™ is very powerful and precise, the possibility exists that legitimate e-mail could get tagged as spam. Therefore, we advise that you have tagged messages stored in your spam folder so in the event that a message is mis-directed, you can retrieve it.

SpamSlam filtering to my e-mail account

User Name:


Your e-mail address:

Type of spam Filter

Basic Filter (low level of filtering)

Advanced Filter (higher level of filtering)

How would you like spam sent to you to be handled?

Store in my spamfolder (recommended)

Delete any spam sent to me


Once we have received your request to filter your e-mail for spam, your e-mail will begin to be filtered in 24-48 hours.

cyberMIND claims no responsibility or liability for mis-detected spam that is deleted from your account.


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